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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is inexpensive, attractive, and durable. 

The Best Vinyl Flooring

In Norfolk, VA

Incredibly resilient, vinyl flooring is known to withstand the test of time, making it a popular choice for high-traffic areas of the home. As a relatively inexpensive option for homeowners, vinyl flooring comes in various colors, patterns, and designs, even sometimes emulating more costly materials like hardwood. It is also quite comfortable beneath your feet.

Easy to install, maintain, and clean, vinyl flooring is largely water-resistant and is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms as a result.

Paneling Factory of Virginia is proud to offer the vinyl flooring brands you love, like Shaw, Beau, Mannington, and Eastern Flooring.

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Our vinyl flooring is resilient and able to withstand the test of time.

As a material, vinyl manages to be both durable and versatile, offering customers a wide range of attractive design options to choose from. Available in a variety of colors, designs, patterns, while providing homeowners the ability to imitate materials like wood and stone, vinyl flooring has gained popularity in recent years.

Known for its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and reduce household noise, vinyl is a popular flooring choice among families with small children. As a material, it is incredibly low-maintenance. Simply by using a vacuum, broom, or mop, vinyl flooring can remain pristine for many years.

Both inexpensive and easy to install, vinyl flooring is a comfortable and visually appealing flooring option for your home. Reach out to our team of trained industry professionals to learn more about what vinyl flooring can do for you.

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