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Bathroom Vanities

Paneling Factory can help you find the perfect bathroom vanity cabinet and walk you through choosing the best bathroom vanity for your space.

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Norfolk, VA

We'll help you choose cabinets for a bathroom vanity that provide storage space and a stylish look. We stock vanity cabinets from the top brands, including Elmwood, Echelon, R.D. Henry & Co., Medallion, and more!

Our bathroom design specialists have the expertise to find your perfect bathroom vanity cabinets.

Bathroom Vanities 1600x1600 Portrait, Paneling Factory Of Virginia
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We have stock and semi-custom bathroom vanity cabinets from several manufacturers.

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Bathroom Grey Vanity Dual Sinks Square, Paneling Factory Of Virginia
BlueBathroom Vainity Square, Paneling Factory Of Virginia

We offer beautiful bathroom vanity cabinets along with expert installation.

Just like kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity cabinets are an essential piece of your bathroom's overall design, look, and feel. The right bathroom vanity can clear up countertops and space and simplify getting ready in the morning or preparing for bed at night.

When choosing bathroom vanity cabinets, you'll want to consider the size of your bathroom, your room's functionality, and your style preferences. For a full redesign, it can be helpful to select your bathroom vanity first, before deciding on final finishes.

If the bathroom vanity is part of a smaller bathroom refresh, you'll want to choose a vanity that fits in with your space and matches your accessories, flooring, and current style. No matter the circumstances, our Paneling Factory experts can help you find a bathroom vanity that fits your space!